Disclosure Policy

Survey Bop is reader-supported. As a leading online survey review site, our aim is to provide you with free, up to date and accurate information to empower you to make choices and help you stay informed.

Why you can trust us

Expert knowledge: Unlike many other sites, Survey Bop is published by expert writers who boast years of experience working in the research sector. We have extensive knowledge of the online and offline research industry. As a result, we are able to provide thorough, accurate and fact-checked information to help you stay informed about the latest deals, offers and happenings in the global online survey and panels industry.

Editorial independence: Survey Bop content is carefully researched and prepared in line with our Editorial Guidelines. This ensures that the information we provide is approachable, unbiased, and trustworthy.

Regular reviews: Our content maintenance workflow ensures that all articles published on Survey Bop are routinely evaluated and edited. Our editorial team regularly fact checks every article, guide, and review to ensure it remains accurate and up to date.

How we make money

Researching, writing, publishing, and evaluating content, and maintaining the Survey Bop website requires significant monetary and time investment.

Survey Bop makes money from affiliate links, display advertising, sponsored placements, sponsored content, and other commercial partnerships. The support of readers and our commercial partners assist us to meet the costs of delivering our services.

Affiliate links

Sometimes, Survey Bop makes money when you click on an outbound link to a third-party website. While not all outbound links are affiliate links, you should assume that we may make money whenever you click through to a third-party website. When you click on an outbound affiliate link, you are helping to support the Survey Bop website and there is no additional cost to you as a reader.

Display advertising

From time to time, Survey Bop collects fees from the placement of display advertising on site. This may include banner and sidebar ads, advertisements in our electronic newsletters, and on our social media channels.

Sponsored content

Occasionally, brands pay Survey Bop to publish sponsored content. This is usually in the form of an article, showcasing a specific brand, service or product. We only showcase products we genuinely believe in and that we believe our readers can benefit from. Any sponsored content will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content on our website.


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