PrizeRebel Review 2022: Legit Survey Site or Scam?

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When it comes to making extra money online, there are many Get-Paid-To sites jostling for your time. One of the most popular is PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel allows members to earn rewards from the comfort of the couch. But is this a site worth joining, or could it be a waste of your time?

prizerebel summary logo

Global rewards site - join from any country

Low payout threshold of $5 USD

Redeem for real cash via PayPal

User-friendly interface with many ways to earn

Boasting a low cash-out threshold and the ability to get paid in cash, this legitimate site is absolutely worth your while.
Four reasons to join PrizeRebel now:

  1. One of the world's larges GPT sites, boasting over 10 million members worldwide
  2. Over $22 million dollars in earnings paid out
  3. Low cashout threshold, with the ability to convert rewards to real money via your PayPal account
  4. Quick, easy and free sign up via email or your Facebook account

In this Prizerebel review, we'll look at the different ways to make money in PrizeRebel, namely paid surveys, and other actions. We'll provide a detailed assessment of everything PrizeRebel has to offer, and examine how reliable the company is as a whole.

What Is PrizeRebel And How Does It Work?

PrizeRebel is a GPT rewards site that pays its members for completing surveys and completing other actions. In a nutshell, PrizeRebel members can earn rewards without much effort by doing easy tasks for advertisers.

Online surveys are the main game here, with PrizeRebel boasting partnerships with thousands of brands, advertisers, and marketing firms. The data collected via online surveys is used by companies to improve products and services offered to consumers.

While PrizeRebel doesn't have a mobile app, the intuitive user interface makes the site easy for members to use on the go.

Is PrizeRebel Worth My Time?

The simple answer to this is yes! PrizeRebel pays you for doing things that you might already do for free. After all, most of us regularly browse the web and watch videos. Sites like Buzzfeed deal out surveys through social media that millions of people click on and fill out for free, and those same people rarely question if knowing the answer to “Which Hogwarts House would you belong to” or “What is your ideal partner like” is worth their time.

PrizeRebel compensates its members and participants for time spent, so it's a no-brainer. Watching videos and completing surveys take very little time, so why not make a few dollars in this way?

Is PrizeRebel Legit or a scam?

Yes. There are a lot of factors to assess when marking a survey site as legitimate, and PrizeRebel has them in spades.

PrizeRebel is a leading online rewards program for consumers, operating in the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, and beyond. The company was founded in 2007, boasts more than 10 million customers and claims to have paid out over $22 million USD. PrizeRebel boasts partnerships with many leading and legitimate brands. These companies run surveys to collect useful data to develop products to meet the needs of consumers.

PrizeRebel's intuitive website, payout options, and prize selections likely have much to do with its growing success among competitors.

Like many survey sites, individuals have mixed experiences, though reviews are generally positive. You can find out more about PrizeRebel reviews further down this article.

Finally, the sense of security and transparency is enhanced by the fact that PrizeRebel has been reviewed and cataloged by the Better Business Bureau and received a somewhat passable rating. Their rating, grading, and reviews are less than immaculate, but they are still far better than many of their peers.

Who can Join PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is suitable for anyone who is interested in making extra money and has a little spare time to spend completing surveys, entering contests, and watching videos.

PrizeRebel operates across many countries. The best earning opportunities are for residents of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

PrizeRebel is open to people around the world who are 18 years of age or older. You can join PrizeRebel from the age of 13, but you will need consent and supervision from your parents or guardians if you are aged between 13 and 18 years of age.

How To Sign Up For PrizeRebel

Joining Prize Rebel is easy, free and it will only take a few minutes of your time. All you need to do to sign up for PrizeRebel is go to and fill out the signup form.

Either join through your Facebook account or provide your email and answer a few quick questions. It's completely free to join PrizeRebel and the information you need to provide is minimal.

Tip: Consider signing up with a new email address, created especially for online survey sites. Alternatively, set up a filter to capture PrizeRebel email alerts so they don't clog up your inbox.

How To Make Money With PrizeRebel

In this section, we will discuss the different ways you can make money with PrizeRebel along with the amount of money you can expect to earn throughout the process.

Once you are logged into PrizeRebel, go to the “Earn” tab. You’ll then see a list of collaborating survey providers where you can take surveys or complete other tasks.


prizerebel review survey screen

There are a lot of survey providers on PrizeRebel so the opportunities to participate in daily surveys can be quite high.

When you complete surveys for the first time, before you answer any questions, PrizeRebel will ask a few profiling questions to ensure that all future and new surveys are the best matches possible.

From the “Earn” tab, you can select the “Survey” option and start to complete surveys. As discussed above, the primary use for these surveys is to help with market research for credible brands, companies, and products that partner with PrizeRebel. Naturally, most of the surveys are therefore designed to help marketers determine your likes and dislikes along with your daily habits and patterns of behavior.

The surveys themselves can reveal a lot about you. You will need to be comfortable disclosing many of your daily habits and ideas. Some common questions also focus on the brands that you use and your opinions on them, or about the advertisements you see and how that makes you feel about the product being advertised.

New surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to complete.

Completed surveys are only considered finished once you reach the end card and submit the survey in its entirety. The points you receive then take an additional 24 business hours to transfer to your PrizeRebel account.

So how much money can you actually make with PrizeRebel surveys?

Whilst not the best paying surveys, PrizeRebel offers higher rewards than many other online survey sites and it is transparent about how much you can expect to earn. Before taking a survey, you will be able to see the reward that will be earned. This is an estimate of how much time you should spend on each new survey. It's just an estimate and varies depending on your reading and completion speed.

Other Activities

Surveys are not the only thing you can do to earn money with PrizeRebel. Like many other GPT sites, watching videos and signing up to websites through links provided in the other tabs of the “Earning” banner are other ways to rack up points.

Daily Points

Anyone who plays MMO RPGs will be familiar with the concept of daily quests and log-in rewards, well PrizeRebel does that with real money.

Daily Points allows you to gain points for doing different things through the website several times a day. In practice, it is more like a recommended tab for different points-earning options unique to you and based on your past activity.

Daily Challenges

If anyone tries to say that real life is not a game, just show them this. Daily challenges are timed events members can participate in through the PrizeRebel website. The events are all time-sensitive and usually revolve around some sort of short survey or puzzle. It can be a word puzzle or a number puzzle or anything else.

The important thing is that this is the fastest and easiest way to make money with PrizeRebel, the trade-off is that Daily Challenges come with the potential to fail.

Lucky Numbers

Essentially, this activity functions as a lottery or raffle. All you have to do is purchase a digital “Lucky Number ticket” and fill out a set of numbers. If those numbers match a certain set through the website, you win a bunch of points. Winners for the lucky numbers raffle are announced at the end of each week.

The number of points is usually somewhere in the hundreds, and most prizes require several hundred points, so winning the lucky number prize is just a nice bonus rather than something that will lead to a major shift in your finances.

Offer Walls

Offer Walls are ways to make extra cash through PrizeRebel instead of with them. The partners and associates that PrizeRebel cooperates with – the ones they sell the online questionnaires to – post earning opportunities that refresh daily. One could extrapolate that the reason that the services are called “Offer Walls” is because “Daily Points” were already taken when they started doing it, but there is no way to verify that.

prizerebel review offer wall contests

The tab takes you to a list of offers posted by the partner advertisers of PrizeRebel and a member can fill the offer from there by completing the instructions therein. Usually, these instructions revolve around creating accounts and subscribing to newsletters.

PrizeRebel promo codes

From time to time, PrizeRebel offers promo codes for members. These can provide a saving when cashing out rewards, or earn you additional points. Promo codes may be advertised on PrizeRebel social media accounts (including Facebook) or sent via email to targetted members.

Refer friends

A particularly lucrative way PrizeRebel earns you money is by referring friends. Anyone can earn a small fee just for inviting a friend. It's worth the effort since your referred friend will earn money in return.

How does this work? PrizeRebel members get access to a referral link. If someone who joins is referred through this link, you will earn referral commissions every time they earn.

It's important to note that you'll earn extra referral rewards as you progress up the membership levels. For example, Platinum and Diamond members will earn more than Bronze or Silver members.

Therefore, if you know lots of people who might be interested in using PrizeRebel actively on a regular basis and you have worked your way up the PrizeRebel membership levels, this can be a way for both people to make extra income.

How PrizeRebel Points work

Like most GPT and online survey sites, PrizeRebel rewards are linked to a points-based system. PrizeRebel rewards members with points for every eligible action, which can be exchanged for cash. In simple terms, 100 points are the equivalent of $1 USD.

First and foremost, members have the option of getting paid through your PayPal account or via Visa Gift Cards – this is great for people who like to get paid cash. Some members can also receive funds through Dwolla, which deposits funds straight into your bank account.

You can also exchange your hard-earned points for other free Gift Cards (PrizeRebel boasts a catalog of over 500 Gift Card partners), online games, and other rewards. Gift cards are usually sent to you digitally and are then yours to do with as you will.

PrizeRebel Account Levels

PrizeRebel has a range of membership account levels, and these can have a significant impact on how much you can earn through daily surveys and other activities on the site.

Not all members are equal in the eyes of PrizeRebel. As you complete activities and earn extra cash, you may move up the level. Each level brings with it more benefits, namely increased rewards and a better user experience.

When you join PrizeRebel, you will automatically start at the bronze level. When you earn 1,000 points, you will move up to the silver level. Thereafter, it's a sizeable jump to obtain gold level and above, as we highlight in the table below:

Account LevelPoints Required

If you put in some effort, it is possible to quickly reach the Diamond level on PrizeRebel. Diamond offers an array of benefits, and it could help turn your PrizeRebel side hustle into a more lucrative endeavor.

Tip: You can view your PrizeRebel account level at any time. This is located on the top bar of your account dashboard through the PrizeRebel website.

How To Redeem PrizeRebel Points

Now that you have a working knowledge of points and how to acquire them, it is time to move on to what you do with those points once you have them. Points need to be redeemed so that you can use them. Once you have reached your payout threshold, your points can be used to purchase various gift cards as alluded to in the previous section.

Redemption Options

After you complete your surveys for PrizeRebel, a certain number of points are awarded to you. These points take a full 24 hours to appear on your account, but once they do they are available to redeem for cold, hard cash, or spending on whatever prizes strike your fancy. Here's how you can cashout:

Redeeming via PayPal

Once you have earned PrizeRebel points for questionnaires and competitions, you can redeem your balance for a cash payment via your PayPal account.

At PrizeRebel you can cashout to PayPal with the equivalent of a $5 reward. This is reached when you earn 500 points. Some websites force members to wait for a significantly higher payout threshold, so this is an attractive feature.

Redeeming for Gift Cards

Prizerebel is one of the leading websites for gift card rewards. Over 500 different types of gift cards are available via, and the catalog of options continues to grow. Every so often, the site runs discounts on specific gift cards, helping you to maximize your rewards when you cashout. These promotions will be advertised at the top of your dashboard.

prizerebel review rewards

You can cashout for a $2 Amazon Gift Card with just 200 points – one of the lowest payout redemption options we've seen. However, it should be noted that these gift cards are often out of stock (which is odd for a digital format), so this can't be taken for granted.

Reward Processing Time

Rewards processing is completed within 24 hours for Bronze and Silver members. Gold status members and above receive their rewards immediately after requesting them.

Members can check the status of their reward claim through if they wish, but ultimately the process works as described above for almost everyone. If someone cancels and then reclaims a reward, the 24-hour processing time resets.


Many different ways to earn

Low cashout threshold

Increase your earn rate as you move up membership levels

surveybop cons

Limited redemption options in some countries

High screenouts possible

Some other online survey sites offer a higher payout rate

What Are Other People Saying About PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel received a score by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of 2.98. The BBB page has a total of 97 reviews of the company. The reviews are a fairly even split between 5-star reviews and 1-star reviews, not unlike most companies of its kind.

The BBB page for them also shows that PrizeRebel Receives 3 and 4-star reviews in service and quality, but 1-star reviews in returns.

Reviews on The Web

The highest-rated positive web review for PrizeRebel is only 4 stars, though several 5-star reviews were present through the same channels. Users praise the quality of as a whole and appreciate the presence of the offer walls. They also mention that there are multiple countries where neither PrizeRebel nor the cards they give as prizes are recognized, meaning that the site cannot cater to everyone.

The critical reviews, on the other hand, are universally 1-star reviews and many of them talk about issues cashing out and experiences with poor customer service.

Reviews of PrizeRebel on Reddit

When it comes to finding honest feedback about a company, Reddit can be a great place to start.

PrizeRebel maintains a Reddit page. That is to say, PrizeRebel monitors a Reddit page about themselves and posts content about success stories surrounding people who made decent amounts of money in short periods. Interestingly, there is not a single negative review on the Reddit page that PrizeRebel owns and maintains.

The site also crops up on r/beermoney, but the only comments on posts about PrizeRebel are from PrizeRebel themselves.

Summary: Should you join PrizeRebel?

If you're a frequent reader of this site, then chances are you're tempted by the idea of completing paid questionnaires online. After all, they provide an opportunity to earn some extra money and have your viewpoints heard.

prizerebel summary logo

Global rewards site - join from any country

Low payout threshold of $5 USD

Redeem for real cash via PayPal

User-friendly interface with many ways to earn

The fact is, PrizeRebel is one of the largest and most trusted Get-Paid-To sites around, and it absolutely can be a good way to earn extra money. That said, making money with PrizeRebel can be challenging, and it requires a bit more context to understand fully and properly.

As with any online survey site, it is important to remember that you cannot make a full-time income providing your income. You can make some extra money on PrizeRebel, but don't expect to get rich.

PrizeRebel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is PrizeRebel a legit site?

Boasting a low cash out threshold and the ability to get paid in cash, this legitimate site is absolutely worth your while.

How much can you make on PrizeRebel?

Whilst not the best paying surveys, PrizeRebel offers higher rewards than many other online survey sites and it is transparent about how much you can expect to earn. Before taking a survey, you will be able to see the reward that will be earned.

Where is PrizeRebel available?

PrizeRebel operates across many countries. The best earning opportunities are for residents of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

What is the minimum redemption amount on PrizeRebel?

Amazon gift cards can be cashed out for as little as $2 when available. Paypal redemptions start at $5.

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