7 sites with a sign up bonus you can’t afford to miss!

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In this post, we'll showcase sites where you can score easy money with a sign up bonus. That's right! Earn extra income, just for taking a few minutes to register, in your spare time – and no credit cards required!

Why Would a Website Pay Me a Sign Up Bonus?

Many legitimate sites offer a sign up bonus as an incentive to attract members. This approach is common among online survey sites that conduct market research.

As a consumer, your opinion is valuable and companies are willing to pay top dollar for it. By offering a sign up bonus, paid survey sites tend to attract more members and more chances of filling survey quotas.

Is there a Catch?

While simply registering for a website can earn you a few dollars, there is a catch. Most demand some form of interaction or a certain minimum engagement before you get your sign up bonus. It's not really surprising when you think about it??

Alternatively, the redemption threshold is higher than the sign up bonus, compelling you to continue to use the site until you reach the redemption threshold.

How Much are the Sign Up Bonuses?

The bonuses on offer vary but don't usually exceed $5 USD.

Some sites offer a points-earning system that can be cashed out for rewards, while others offer a cash-based tally.

Payments are typically in the same form of payment that the website offers for all its normal paid activities, so chances are you'll need a PayPal account and/or a second option if you want to take advantage of a number of these offers.

Before you get paid to sign up, make sure you read the terms and conditions as different sites will have different requirements.

And now without further ado, here is our pick of websites with a sign up bonus.

1. Swagbucks

get paid to sign up swagbucks landing page

If you're looking for a starting point, Swagbucks is where you'll arrive sooner or later. It is the undisputed king in the GPT space and pays reasonably well. Share in over $615m distributed to members!

Users can earn points for answering surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and more. Then simply redeem points for gift cards with a huge range of retailers. It can be done on your desktop, or IOS and Android apps.

swagbucks summary logo

Extremely user-friendly interface

Member Recognition Program rewards loyalty

Bonus earnings for first $25 redemption each month

Generous Refer-A-Friend program

Plus as an added bonus, you can refer friends with your referral link and earn 10% of their referral earnings for life when they join Swagbucks. Bonus!

How much is the sign up bonus? You'll get paid to sign up with a $5 USD bonus.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? You'll need to earn 2,500 Swagbucks in the first 60 days after signing up to qualify for the $5 USD bonus.

How do I join? You can join here or head over to read our in-depth review here.

2. MyPoints

mypoints screenshot 1024

MyPoints has been in business for over 20 years, helping shoppers save money via coupons and through tasks. Users can also take surveys, videos, and other fun activities.

The key way to earn money is by completing surveys, which are regularly available and have a variety of lengths.

MyPoints will suit those ‘on the go' – as you can use this rewards program through your mobile phone or your computer. Members can get up to 40% of purchases at over 2,000 top retailers when shopping online via mypoints.com.

mypoints summary logo

$5 USD bonus, after 5 survey completions

Multiple cash out options include Airmiles

Earn points on the go with a mobile app

Generous referral program boosts points

By joining up for free, members will receive a Welcome Bonus in the form of either an Amazon Gift Card or a Visa Gift Card.

How much is the sign up bonus? Get paid to sign up with a $5 USD bonus.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? You'll need to complete 5 surveys to qualify for the $5 USD sign up bonus.

How do I join? You can join here or head over to read our in-depth review here.

3. PointClub

pointclub feature image screenshot 2 1024

PointClub is primarily an online survey site that pays registered members for online surveys but has a lot more to offer.

With daily giveaways, rewards, offer boards, a generous referral program, and a media lab, the website starts to feel more like a hybrid survey/GPT site with plenty of ways to earn. However you classify it, it's worth joining for the sign up bonus and ongoing earnings.

pointclub review logo

Consistent stream of surveys

Plenty of non-survey earning opportunities

Strong referral program provides extra income

Redemptions include PayPal and gift cards

PointClub offers you the chance to refer 20 or more people and become a Brand Ambassador, receiving 20% of the points your referred friends earn. Easy money!

How much is the sign up bonus? 5000 points, the equivalent of $5 USD, is what you'll get paid to sign up.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? Register, confirm your email, log in and answer the profiling questions, including basic demographic questions, a training mission, consumer profile, and medical profile.

How do I join? You can join here or head over to read our in-depth review here.

4. Branded Surveys

branded surveys screenshot 1024

Branded Surveys is another of the survey sites where you can get paid to sign up. Users can put the bonus towards cash and gift cards. Sure it's not big but nice to have nonetheless.

New users receive a 100 point bonus by creating an account and filling in their profile survey. It's easy to cash it out as the redemption threshold is only 500 points, meaning you won't take long to reach your first payment.

branded surveys review summary logo
Branded Surveys

Receive a sign on bonus of $1 USD

Strong earning potential from surveys

Both cash and gift card options

Rewarding tiered referral program

With a low sign up bonus and a huge variation in earnings reported by users, Branded Surveys may be a hit or miss for individuals.

How much is the sign up bonus? 100 points, the equivalent of $1 USD.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? Register and complete the profile survey.

How do I join? Choose your country here: USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom, or head over to read our in-depth review here.

5. InboxDollars

inboxdollars feature image

Earn cash for your everyday activities and pick up a $5 USD bonus simply for taking 30 seconds to sign up.

You can join to take your share of $80 million in cash distributed so far, by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and accessing shopping and cash offers.

The site is a Third Party provider of online surveys – you won't earn as much as other websites direct but you may well see a larger range on offer, which can actually boost your earnings.

inboxdollars review summary logo

Generous $5 USD sign on bonus

Multiple cashout options make redemptions easy

Different ways to earn including referrals, shopping and coupons

Unlock bigger rewards with membership program

Having said that, InboxDollars does pay quite well for surveys ranging from 50 cents to $20 per survey for anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes of your time.

How much is the sign up bonus? Get paid to sign up with a sweet $5 USD sign up bonus.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? Sign up in 30 seconds.

How do I join? You can join here or head over to read our in-depth review here.

6. InboxPays

inboxpays feature image 1024

Similar to InboxDollars, InboxPays is a leading GPT site claiming to have given out $40 million for online surveys, reading emails, playing online games, and more.

inboxpays review summary logo

Score $5 USD when you sign up

Real cash payouts in $50 increments

Many different way to earn including referrals

Robust privacy and data handling policies

InboxPays will credit your earnings on the 1st and 15th of each month. But, a word of warning, redemption increments are $50, meaning you'll have to stick with the site for a while before you can cash out your sign up bonus.

How much is the sign up bonus? Get paid to sign up with a $5 USD welcome.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? Fill out a basic profile questionnaire like most sites. Input your name, zip code, email address, gender, and date of birth.

How do I join? You can join here or head over to read our in-depth review here.

7. FusionCash

fusioncash feature image screenshot 1024

Though rated quite low by Surveybop.com for its' ongoing earnings potential, FusionCash does offer a reasonable sign on bonus.

fusioncash summary logo 2

Instant sign-on bonus of $5 USD

Potentially lucrative referral program

Multiple cash out options, including direct debit

Many ways to earn, but low pay

Income can be supplemented with this site with the referral program and the multiple cash-out options make using it relatively simple. The drawback is it limits the user base to US and Canadian residents.

How much is the sign up bonus? You'll get paid to sign up with $5 USD.

How do I earn the sign up bonus? Confirm your email and complete a profiling survey. Nothing difficult!

How do I join? US residents can join here and Canadians here, or head over to read our in-depth review here.

Conclusion: Earn Extra Cash with Sign Up Bonuses

You may recall we introduced this round-up as signing up for ‘easy-money', but we didn't say it was ‘free-money'. There is no such thing, despite what some survey websites will tell you.

At best, you'll get paid a sign up bonus for offering up little more than a few pieces of information. At worst you might have to continue to answer surveys or GPT tasks.

On one hand, there is value in your data and your time has an opportunity cost to it, on the flipside, GPT and survey websites want your attention to grow their base and attract clients and are willing to pay for it.

Bottom line: It's a cut-throat industry and sweeteners are offered, so who are we to say no?

Happy surveying!

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